History of Philip Henry Gosse Public Aquarium

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
In 1853, Philip Henry Gosse made the first public aquarium combined with a water fountain placed at Regents Park Zoological Gardens – England, so that can be enjoyed by the community. This was done because he saw the aquarium price is still expensive and be owned by rich people only. This is an aquarium in the truest sense and kept indoors. Previously aquarium in the past was kept in the yard.

Philip Henry Gosse was the first to use the word "aquarium". Since then the aquarium has become a popular in many European countries, like France (1859), Germany (1864) to reach the United States (1900). Many fish types can not live long in the aquarium, but the Macropodus operculatus, also called Paradise fish or Corydoras paleatus introduced in Paris, can survive for long time.

Philip Henry Gosse was also a writer of "A Handbook to the Marine Aquarium”. One of popular fish books and completes enough in that time, containing practical instruction for constructing, stocking and maintaining a tank and for collecting plants and animals. The book was published in London, in 1855.