The First Freshwater Ornamental Fish Shop

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Aquarium History notes that Red Goldfish is the first freshwater ornamental fish which maintaining in the world and popular remain until today. Now, more than 125 varieties of goldfish vary of form and colors as crossbreeding result have circulating around the world.

"In summer one must ensure that the lovely colors and nimble movements catch the eye. The container of choice for this is a large glass ball with an opening large enough to ensure that the fishes can obtain sufficient air, but small enough that they cannot jump out and die if nobody is at hand." This was written (in German) about the goldfish bowl in 1856 in issue 19 of the magazine "Die Gartenlaube"

After to keep and maintaining ornamental fish become trend, in 1850 Otto Gitter opening his ornamental fish shop at Leizpig, German and Aquarium History also notes that it was the first ornamental fish store in the world.