Filamentous Algae

Thursday, March 3, 2011
Filamentous Algae problems in the live plants aquarium was easily recognizable through the threads or the light green hair. This is a kind of green algae which easy to clean. You do this by lifting directly with hand or strapped it in a small timber, and then withdrawn.

Although this algae type are harmless but the existence of Filamentous Algae in the aquarium can not be tolerated. The reason is the Filamentous Algae will compete with other plants to obtain nutrients and will greatly disturb the plant growth and the appearance of your freshwater aquarium plants.

The Filamentous algae usually formed due to several causes, such as the residual feed, rarely water replacement, or because of the light exposure in the aquarium was too strong. The algae problems can be minimized if we adding a kind of algae eaters shrimp from the beginning to eat young algae which new grow. The algae eater shrimp species usually did not eat green algae that were old.

Another way to handling Filamentous Algae are by reducing the dose of fish feed, reducing the time of aquarium lighting and frequently do water replacement. If we do not reducing the time flame of aquarium lamp or the strength of the aquarium lighting, the algae will quickly grow again in the new water.