The First Fish Books

Monday, October 18, 2010
Johann Matthaeus Bechsttein (1757 - 1822) in 1794 preserve a lot of fish and amphibians to study in Germany. In 1797, his first fish book published. The book described on how to keep the fish such as replacement of water, the density of fish in a container, color and shape of fish, and so forth. But not to discuss about the aquarium. However, until now, after more than 200 years have passed, "ornamental fish books" still describe the same thing.

In 1819, William Thomas Brande of England published his fish book with the inscription that fish breathe by inhaling oxygen dissolved in water. He further that the oxygen in the water produced by the water plants, and fish will live a healthier when kept in tank containers that have a water plants.

In 1833, Dr. Danberry in a seminar in Cambridge, England, proving that water plants release oxygen by taking the CO2 with the help of light. Danberry's papers have been increasingly enriched repertoire of today's fish books.

Pictures of Fish Macropodus operculatus (Paradise) as one type of freshwater fish
that are kept in the early days of aquarium in Europe.