Different Types of Aquarium Chiller

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Aquarium_Thermoelectric_ChillersThe main function of aquarium chiller is to stabilize the water temperature to match the natural water temperature conditions. Each types of aquarium chiller are not the same! Just like air conditioners, there are several different of this aquarium equipment such as chiller designs and available types which appropriate with your needs. All that things should be carefully considered before a purchase is made. Based on the work systems of "refrigeration equipment", in general there are 2 basic types of chillers for aquariums:

Thermoelectric Chillers

Thermoelectric chiller working with thermoelectric chip called as the "Peltier Effect". This technique is commonly used for cooling water cooler, or cooling computer processors. When there is DC power flow, then one side of the Peltier plates will generate heat. The hot side of the peltier plate is mounted with heatsink and the heat removed using a fan, consequently the other side of the Peltier plate will produce cold. The cold side is attached to a stainless metal container to cool the aquarium water.

In this way, Thermoelectric Aquarium Chiller not use Freon gas and compressor. Electricity consumption is also small, only 50 Watt only. With such a small electric power, the thermoelectric chiller can only be used for aquariums with a small capacity, which is about 50-60 liters of water (aquarium mini). If the volume of aquarium water more than 60 liters, the use of thermoelectric chiller is not recommended.

Compressor Chillers

Compressor chiller uses refrigerant compressor as usual we meet at Almari Ice and AC house. There are 2 types of chillers with a cooling compressor, ie Portable Chiller and Split Chiller.

- Portable Chillers
The portable chillers are widely produced in general is a portable chiller that has the size and physical form of well-designed. However, it produces a small output power. This is because the chiller is manufactured for use in Western countries where the temperature is lower than tropical countries. In Western countries, the tap water temperatures average in 15C °, so they require more heater rather than chiller.

aquarium portable chillersIn tropical countries that use the european water chillers, for the effective and durable use they must use a more powerful engine coolant and tolerant to voltage. The Portable chillers though compact shape, ie, compressors and refrigeration units into a single unit, has several shortcomings as well, among others:
- Compressors have a noise that disturb.
- Compressors remove hot air. So, although the water tank is to be cold, but the temperature in surrounding environment increased and people who are maintaining an aquarium will feel hot.

- Split Chiller
Split chiller, the compressor was located outside the home. Thus there was no noise. The air circulation to smoothly, so that the portable chiller is not easily damaged.

Split Chiller consists of two parts: Unit Engine Cooling and Water Cooling Units following control equipment. Both units above connected through Freon pipes and control cables. Cooling Machine Unit is usually installed outside the room while the unit is installed inside the water cooler or in the cabinet room.

aquarium split chillersSplit Chiller usually uses the compressor with a capacity of 1 HP and above. Split Chiller 1 HP suitable for a large aquarium with a total volume of water between 700 liters - 1000 liters.

For aquarium with capacity over than 1000 liters should consult beforehand with the seller to know the appropriate compressor capacity we need and avoid buying aquarium chiller type that are not appropriate.