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Friday, August 20, 2010
Aquascaping - Maintaining water plant aquarium as a hobby

According to one study, maintaining water plant aquarium is the world's second largest hobby after photography. Millions aquariums scattered throughout the world now and it steadily increasing. But also every year there are estimated ten to twenty percent who quit this hobby. The main reason is, aquarium always mossy, plants can not grow well, or fish disease and die without a known cause. Moreover to decorate already drained a lot of energy and time. The objective has a tank which was originally to relieve stress, it ended up bringing stress.

Is this so? Actually, all of the aquarium problems that arise before, due to insufficiency of information on how to build the ecosystem of the aquarium at the beginning of running the aquarium hobby. Having enough information is the first step if we want to pursue a hobby successfully. And this applies not only to the aquarium hobby, but for any hobby.

Aquascape Aquarium Hobby
If you have possessed sufficient information, maintaining aquatic plants in aquarium as a hobby is not difficult. Aquarium will looks beautiful and fabulous in the long term.

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Hopefully this site becomes a practical guide to maintain aquarium, especially maintaining the water plant aquarium, because water plants not only as elements of a beautiful aquarium decorations, but also as a key to overcoming the various aquarium problems. Problems such as mossy aquarium or fish-diseases, it will not appear when the water plants grow healthy and fertile.