Setting up Aquascape Aquarium with Arowana Fish

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Aquascape with Arowana fish is very fine combination. No serious incompatibility, however some compensation should be done while displaying both aspects with the best result (fish and aquascape in harmony).

Aquarium for Arowana is usually big one (especially for adult arowana). Bigger Aquascape need more equipment / many which certainly cause more expenses. So the main challenge is cost. If it can be overcome, I am sure the next one becomes easier.

For consideration, Arowana is a type of fish that likes to jump, and it has very strong jumping. So, the side tank lid is required. However, the top cover should not be fully used, conduct circulation of net to keep the air freely circulate. It is important to rely on refrigeration through the fan, does not matter if you are willing to provide chiller.

Setting up Aquascape Aquarium with Arowana Fish
Temperature aquascape is not always be cold, even plants grow faster in the temperature of 29-30 instead of 24-27 (except moss). 27-28C is good enough. The reason to use the cold temperatures on the aquarium aquascape is to avoid the algae problems. Besides aquatic plants, the algae will also grow faster in aquariums with a high temperature. What we have to adjust is the types of plants; do not force the plants from the cold water such as some species of moss, and certain aponogeton pellia.

Arowana fish is kind of mid-top swimmer, so when you are decorating the aquascape you should pay attention to this. Avoid sharp or towering hardscape transverse fish aquarium in order for freely movement. Use the plants that do not meet the width / height tank, or keep the size of the plant with proper trimming. Let the foreground area and partially empty midground sweetened by sand and small stone hardscape accents just enough if the population arowana. It is to facilitate the vacuuming cleaning process on sand.

If the maintenance becomes one of the problem, such as taking care of the dead leaves floating is too often making the arowana/owner in stressful situation, then choose relatively durable leaved plants and avoid the use of stem plant that grows too fast, leafy and relatively short-lived. You can also choose a long-lived slow grower plants, large and durable leaved plant for your arowana aquarium, so it will be easier for maintenance such as cryptocoryne sp, anubias sp, Crinum sp, echinodorus sp.

Setting up Aquascape Aquarium with Arowana Fish
CO2 injection system for the aquascape aquarium with arowana fish is highly recommended that plants grow better. Importantly, like the planted aquarium in general, the supply route and proper dosage of CO2. The sensitive fish can live healthier in aquascape aquarium compared to an empty one.

Relying on naturalistic way (non-CO2 system with a natural counterweight) on the aquascape would seem to be more difficult considering that the arowana is given quite strong pollution. Please use a special fertilizer that appropriate for aquascaping so it will not harm the health of arowana in long term.

If you've mastered aquascaping and have experience in maintaining arowana fish, I think instinctively you will immediately know what to do when setting up aquascape aquarium with Arowana. Do not be afraid. It is possible thing to do……

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