Siamensis Algae Eaters (SAE)

Monday, March 14, 2011
Besides adding a types of algae eater fish into the live plants aquarium as the "natural algae removal" such as Chinese Algae Eater fish (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri) which is very effective to cleaning Diatom Brown algae and types of Green algae which new growth, you can also try Siamensis Algae Eaters to prevent the growth of Green Bunch Algae or Pelt Algae in your aquarium aquascaping.

Crossocheilus siamensis which also called "Siamensis Algae Eaters (SAE)" native to Kalimantan and Sumatra Islands. Although the color of its body was not spectacular, but these algae-eating fish almost found in many aquarium aquascaping because they was an avid algae eater fish.

The Siamese algae eater (Epalzeorhynchos siamensis or Crossocheilus siamensis) have a black horizontal stripe extending from opercle to tail. The genuine Epalzeorhynchos siamensis or Crossocheilus siamensis without maxillary barbels and with deeply fringed V-shaped upper lip is rarely encountered in the aquarium trade.

Siamensis Algae Eaters (SAE) closely related to the Red Algae eater Crossocheilus langei, a species that is widely sold as the Siamese algae eater. It has a bright brownish elongate body with a slightly flat belly. It has a prominent brown-black horizontal stripe extending from nose to tail.

The Siamensis Algae Eaters (SAE) fish may grow up to the length of 16 centimeters. It possesses small maxillary barbels and an unfringed shallowly arcuate upper lip.

Two other similar species are traded as "Siamensis algae eaters", namely Crossocheilus atrilimes, a species that likes to eat Java moss rather than Red algae, and the second one is an undescribed species of Crossocheilus.