Chinese Algae Eater Fish | Gyrinocheilus Aymonieri

Friday, March 4, 2011
Adding some type of algae eater fish which active into the live plants aquarium or aquascaping aquarium such as Gyrinocheilus aymonieri is very effective for the algae control, specially to cleaning Diatom Brown algae and types of Green algae which new growth.

Because they so active, with a ratio of one Gyrinocheilus fish for every 40 liters of water, they are effective enough to eradicate and controlling algae growth in the aquarium.

Gyrinocheilus aymonieri also known as Chinese algae eater fish or sucking loach, is the single genus in the family Gyrinocheilidae, a family of small Southeast Asian cypriniform fishes that live in fast-flowing freshwater mountain streams. They hold on to fixed objects using a sucker-like mouth, and despite the name, feed on a wide range of detritus, rather than simply on algae.

However, before choosing this type of "algae eater fish" for your aquarium algae control, the Gyrinocheilus aymonieri when an adult (12.5 cm) are territorial and aggressive towards other fish, and also less diligent eating and eradicate algae. So, you should choose the Chinese algae eater fish that has not grown as a natural algae remover for your planted aquarium to controlling algae growth.