Fluval FX5 External Canister Filter by Hagen

Monday, December 12, 2011
Fluval FX5 Filter
Fluval FX5 External Canister Filter by Hagen
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Fluval FX5 External Canister Filter by Hagen is a high performance, canister filter for aquariums up to 400 gallons. The Fluval FX5 A218 offers unparallel filtration power, maximum versatility and incredible control in fine-tuning water characteristics. Fluval FX5 Smart Pump Technology ensures a quiet, efficient operation. This self-priming system provides plug-in-and-start convenience. The multi-stage system allows you to stack filter media in the precise combination of layers that will work best for your planted aquarium. This Fluval FX5 filter will provide you infinite flexibility in creating and maintaining the ideal environment for your fish and plants.

The Fluval FX5's massive capacity and powerful integrated motor processes and recirculates 563 gallons of water every hour, enabling you to precisely manage water conditions for aquariums as large as 400 gallons. It will hold up to 1.5 gallons of media, yet it's compact enough fit under almost any aquarium cabinet.

The Fluval FX5 Filter siphons water and suspended debris through its clog-proof intake strainer, and then sends it through three levels of foam, which traps most particulate matter. The powerful pump then sends it through the multiple levels of media for the cleaning and processing sequence. As water flows back into the aquarium the flared design of the adjustable output nozzle disperses it in multiple directions, agitating the water and creating currents that help break down wastes and prevent them from settling. The Fluval FX5 ensures a continuous flow of pure, precisely treated water.

Fluval FX5 A218 Key Features

Fluval FX5 External Canister Filter was designed with Fluval’s unique Smart Pump technology. Here are some of the Fluval FX5 key features that make this canister filter become the absolute Best filter ever...

FX5 Fluval AquaStop valves
AquaStop Valves
The AquaStop valves make maintenance easy by allowing you to stop the water flow with an easy 90-degree turn of the valve lever. This means you can separate the hosing from the FX5 filter in one step. The valve lever can also be used to regulate water flow with no harm to the motor or its components. Three valves are provided: one for the intake, one for the output and one to be used to drain the filter under certain circumstances during the maintenance process.

Clog-Proof Intake Strainer
The wide, rounded mouth of the FX5 intake strainer is shaped to siphon water quickly. Covered by a fine screen that’s beveled to repel debris, it is virtually clog-proof, so there is never a build-up of solids that could impede water flow.

Self-Priming Instant-Start System
With the FX5, there’s never any need for manual siphoning. Simply fill the canister filter with 2 gallons of water, plug the filter in, then the filter will complete the filling process from your aquarium. It pumps for 2 minutes, pauses for 2 minutes to evacuate air then restarts immediately.

Purge Valve
The FX5 canister filter features a purge valve drain at its base. This makes it possible for you to empty the canister for maintenance before moving it.

The Fluval FX5’s superior performance and capability are backed by Fluval’s well-earned reputation for the best fish and aquarium care. Hagen Aquatic Research Station certification is your assurance of the most up-to-date and reliable research in aqua-care science. The use of the Fluval FX5 will help provide your fish with the aquatic home they deserve. *The FX5 helps meet the desired objectives of any aquarium. For the best performance, the Fluval FX5 Filter should be placed completely beneath the aquarium.

Lift-Out Stack of Media Baskets
The lift-out stack of media baskets is at the heart of Fluval multistage filtration. These large capacity baskets enable you to stack filtration media in the precise combination of layers that will work best for your aquarium. Use one type of media in each basket, or layer two or three types to suit your aquariums needs. Each basket is lined with a foam insert for effective mechanical pre-filtering. The instant-release T-handles let you lift, then separate the basket stack quickly and easily, making routine maintenance simple.

Multi-Directional Output Nozzle
The flared spout of the adjustable twin output nozzles sends multiple streams of purified water toward all corners of the aquarium, creating currents that agitate the water to break down wastes and help hold them in suspension until they can be drawn into the filter by the intake strainer. With more waste solids kept afloat, fewer settle, which means that bottom surfaces, and in fact the entire aquarium, is kept cleaner.

SMART PUMP™ Technology
Designed and engineered for reliable filtration of delicately balanced aquarium environments, FX5 Fluval's Smart Pump technology employs an electronic circuit board to continually monitor the pump. Impeller speed and force are constantly measured to ensure powerful output and energy efficiency. Smart Pump technology is also critical in evacuating any air that may build up in the system. Once every 24 hours, the filter will pause and allow any trapped air to escape, thus maintaining maximum filtration efficiency.

Fluval FX5 Canister Filter Specifications

  • Wattages 230-240V/50Hz: 48W
  • Wattages 120V/60Hz: 50W
  • Biological Volume: 1.5 gallons, 5.9 L
  • Pump Output: 925 gallons/hour
  • Head Height (max.): 10.8ft
  • Filter Circulation*: 563 gallons/hour
  • Filtration Volume: 5.28 gallons, 20 L
  • Aquarium Capacity: 400 gallons 1,500 liters
  • Mechanical Area (Foam): 325.5 in.2 2,100 cm2
*Note: Flow rates were measured with intake and output hoses of the same length and without media.

FLUVAL FX5 Filter Media Options

Fluval FX5 Media Option
  • Fluval Polishing Pad – Screens out fine particulates
  • Fluval Ammonia Remover – Effectively removes ammonia before it can harm fish.
  • Fluval Foam – Effectively traps and retains solid waste and particulates, allow biological and chemical media to function better.
  • BioMax – Porous ceramic rings that provide a huge surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize.
  • Fluval Carbon – Research-grade carbon removes colors, odors and toxins from water.

Fluval FX5 External Canister Filter Review

The Fluval FX5 A218 canister filter is a great aquarium filter but requires regular cleaning - every 1-3 months full filter clean. However, you don't need to replace all of the media each time you clean the filter which can get really expensive.

A few things to note on Fluval FX5 External Canister Filter :

The Fx5 filter has incredible suction, it's made for a 400 gallon tank. Do not place aquarium plants or bubble makers anywhere near it or it will suck the plants against and in and the bubbles up that will make your filter noisy.

If you are breeding anything in your tank, expect to find babies in the filter. Thin skinny fish like loaches may be sucked up into the filter if they can't swim fast enough so you may want to put a breeding basket around it to keep them away but not hinder the filter intake.

The FX5 filter, when full of media and water is heavy but not too bad. It weighs around 40-50 lbs depending on your media. The filter media of Fluval A218 FX5 canister filter is expensive, but you can make your own rough filter pads (open hole filled black filter media), and carbon bags much cheaper than buying the premade media. However, the rest you'll want to buy real "Fluval parts" - Search for best prices »

Remember to fill it until it's about 1-1.5" from the top before attaching to to the hoses. You don't want the FX5 filter to have to work too hard to finish filling. It is self priming but needs that much help to make it work effectively.

If you hear it struggling after you hook it up (and you added enough water) it's because there's too much air in the system, turn it off, wait about 15 seconds, turn it back on. You'll see a huge mass of bubbles come out then it will work fine.

Remember to open the valves once you have it hooked up to the hoses - before plugging it in. Overall the Fluval FX5 is a highly recommended External Canister Filter for planted aquarium and any tanks 100 gallons and greater.

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