Fluval Edge 2 - 12 Gallon Size New Aquarium by Hagen

Friday, December 16, 2011
New Fluval Edge 2
Style and function come together in the revolutionary of the new Fluval EDGE 2 aquarium set. As well as the standard 23 litre/6 US gal model, the new Fluval Edge 2 inspired by architectural styling and creates a unique visual effect capturing emotion and serenity within a contemporary setting.

So, after months of rumours and a video from a rep floating around on youtube, Hagen have finally released news of the Fluval Edge 2 aquarium.

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Fluval Edge 2 Product Features

Fluval Edge 2 Dimensions
Dimensions 43cm x 26cm x 44.8cm high (59.4 cm total height)and 6 sided, 12 gallon sealed glass aquarium. With twice the volume as the standard Fluval Edge but the same footprint, the larger 46 litre version allows more fish and a more rooms for creative aquascaping, without taking up additional linear space.

360 Degree Viewing
The world’s first 3D water cube aquarium, the 46 litre Fluval Edge Aquarium 2 can be filled to the very brim thanks to the glass top, providing high definition viewing from every angle.

The partially sealed top reduces evaporation for less maintenance and a large, hidden aperture allows oxygen exchange to keep fish healthy. A floating base design gives the set a very small footprint for easy placement and lends the aquarium a clean, contemporary look.

Powerful Lighting
Fluval Edge 2 LED Lighting
With over 40 bright, white LEDs and three blue moonlights, along with the upgraded capacity, the new edge promises to be a biorb life killer.

The Fluval Edge 2 - 12 gallon model includes 42 LED bulbs—39 white and 3 deep blue bulbs.
You can turn on all the lights for full illumination or turn on only the blue bulbs to create a night-time moonlight effect. The LEDs create clear and natural-looking lighting that makes fish and plant colors look strikingly vibrant and the 7600k high luminosity LED's also suitable for aquatic plants.

Advanced - Hidden LED Lighting, Filtration & Wiring
The Fluval EDGE 2 consists of two main components working in perfect harmony: a clear glass aquarium nestled inside an elegant pedestal. The pedestal appears to be clasping the tank, making the aquarium appear like it is suspended in mid-air. The column houses the filter and the electrical wiring is neatly concealed inside the column.

Fluval EDGE 2 has a clear glass top that allows a clear and virtually unobstructed aerial view of the interior. The cover is completely sealed, which allows you to fill the aquarium right up to the brim, creating a spectacular effect.

Water evaporation is minimal. The unobtrusive pedestal structure and the clear top allow a great all-around view. Instead of a traditional canopy, there is a small cover at the top that houses the lighting. The LED lighting, filtration & wiring on Fluval EDGE 2 is easily hidden away in the décorative column

Fluval EDGE 2 Power Filter
Fluval Edge 2 Power Filter

The Fluval EDGE 2 comes with a Fluval Power Filter, which is hidden from view inside the pedestal column. The power filter keeps the aquarium water clean. Powerful and easy to use Edge filter with a quiet pump inside circulates the water. As the water flows through the Fluval filter, it flows through mechanical, chemical and biological filtering media, which skims and washes the water clean so that fish and plants can enjoy a clear and healthy environment. All required media is included.

Easy to assemble, easy to clean!
The Fluval Edge Aquarium takes only seconds to assemble and the perforated, removable cover effectively dissipates lamp heat, avoids moisture and allows easy access to the filter’s lift out media trays.

New Fluval Edge 2 Colors Available

The new Fluval Edge 2 now comes in a stunning gloss white finish that will blend perfectly with the latest home décor. Gloss black and Pewter (23L only) finishes are also available.

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FLuval EDGE 2 Videos

You can watch the video about Aquascaping tutorial with the new Fluval EDGE 2 46L model by George Farmer, an Aquascaping expert from the UK Aquatic Plant Society (UKAPS). To see how it turned out and to get some great aquascaping tips check out the video here:

The new Fluval Edge 2 - 12 gallon/46 liter Black aquarium set for sale.
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