Fluval C4 Power Filter for Planted Aquarium

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fluval C4 Power Filter Review

Fluval C4 Power Filter by Hagen
Sometimes delicate fish and aquarium plants require a more gentle water flow. Fluval C4 Power Filter equipped with Fluval's patented re-filtration system which allows you to control the flow rate without compromising filtration efficiency.

The Fluval C4 Power Filter is designed to provide maximum surface area and optimum dwell times in all stages of the filtration process. Features with 5 stages of filtration: 2 mechanical, 1 chemical and 2 biological stages for top performance.

The result is clean, clear and healthy water for aquarium life to thrive in. Each filter is equipped with the Fluval C4 Poly/Foam, Activated Carbon, C-nodes and drip tray pad. An integrated trickle chamber filled with C-Nodes is where biological filtration is super charged for fast and efficient nitrification.

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Fluval C4 New 5 Stage Filtration System

Unsurpassed Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological Filtration
A healthy aquarium requires “beneficial” bacteria. Invisible and harmless, they are essential in the removal of toxic ammonia and nitrite. With regular cartridge filtration systems, when you throw away the cartridge, you throw away beneficial bacteria. It can take weeks for the bacteria to re-colonize, resulting in a stressful environment.

The New Fluval 5-stage filtration system is different. Fluval C4 Power filter featuring 5 stages of filtration for aquariums between 40 to 70 gallons. Only one of the filtration components is changed at a time. This ensures that the maximum amount of beneficial bacteria remains. There is never a sudden depletion of bacteria so biological filtration remains always at high effective levels.

Stage 1 & 2: Mechanical- Poly/Foam Pad
Effective mechanical filtration is essential for efficient chemical and biological filtration.

Stage 3: Chemical- Activated Carbon Insert
The Fluval Activated Carbon Filter Insert contains 100% premium research grade carbon, which provides large amounts of surface area for adsorption of undesirable impurities. The activated carbon filter insert removes unwanted odors, discoloration and impurities, resulting in a crystal clear aquarium.

Stage 4: Biological-Bio-Screen
Fluval’s Bio-Screen removes any debris before dripping into the biological chamber. It also ensures that the water pumped to the Trickle Chamber is evenly spread through all areas before it drips on the C-Nodes, which are contained in the chamber.

Stage 5: Biological- C-Nodes
The surface of the C-Nodes provides a higher filtration surface and more biological power than a traditional cartridge, resulting in a healthy aquarium environment.

Fluval Power Filter C-Series Specs

Sizes available:
The Fluval Power Filter C-Series consists of the C2, C3, and C4 models. The filters are suitable for both marine and freshwater aquariums.
  1. Fluval C4 Power Filter, for 40 to 70 gallon aquariums; Maximum Flow Rate of 264 GPH
  2. Fluval C3 Power Filter, for 20 to 50 gallon aquariums; Maximum Flow Rate of 153 GPH
  3. Fluval C2 Power Filter, for 10 to 30 gallon aquariums; Maximum Flow Rate of 119 GPH
More details are available here.

Fluval C-Series Power Filter by Hagen
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What’s In The Box?
  1. Filter Cover
  2. Filter Case
  3. Leveling Device
  4. C-Nodes
  5. “U” Tube
  6. Telescopic Intake Tube
  7. Bio-Screen
  8. Mechanical Frame
  9. Chemical Basket
  10. Impeller Cover Assembly
  11. Impeller
  12. Biological Trickle Chamber with Cover
  13. Poly/Foam Pad
  14. Activated Carbon
  15. Motor Unit with Seal Ring

Fluval C4 Power Filter Product Details
  • Helps provide a stress-free environment
  • Clip on filter - Quick and easy maintenance
  • Equipped with cleaning indicator for when the polyfoam needs to be rinsed
  • Filters 264 gallons/hour - see also Fluval FX5 canister filter
  • New 5 Stages Filtration System (40-70 gallons Aquarium)
For optimal performance it is recommended to clean the impeller cover assembly once a year and follow the rules of filter media replacement here. The mechanical filtration on Fluval C4 Power Filter is performed by a dual layer of foam and polyester, and is easily removed for quick cleaning. The patented re-circulation grid enhances mechanical filtration when the flow rate is reduced. A convenient chemical insert basket directs water flow to maximize toxin removal. Maintaining only one stage at a time will preserve beneficial bacteria, resulting in a stress-free environment, while ensuring aquarium water stays clear. The Fluval C4 Power Filter clips on, is ideal for use on planted aquariums between 40 to 70 gallons, and is the perfect way to provide your fish and plants with refreshing and clear water.

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