Freshwater Aquarium Plants | Cryptocoryne

Thursday, February 24, 2011
Cryptocoryne are the type of freshwater aquarium plants including the amphibian species (the leaves can grow inside or on the water surface). There are a few Cryptocoryne species that can grow under the water alone, one of them is Cryptocoryne aponogetfolia.

Almost all types of Cryptocoryne susceptible to 'Cryptocoryne Rot' diseases which leaves 'melt' or 'become mush' when planted in the aquarium. This is because Cryptocoryne commonly cultivated in the upper surface of the water (hydroponics) or on the wet ground with temperatures around 30 °C. If later Cryptocoryne drowned in a cold aquarium water, the sensitive leaves will be stress and melt due to changes in temperature. To overcome this, before planting we must cut the older leaves are more susceptible and leave the young leaves are more robust only.

Inside the freshwater aquarium, Cryptocoryne species need time to adapt from the "terrestrial leaf" to the "water leaves". During the adaptation period; only a few nutrients that can be absorbed. Therefore, a lot of nutritional support can make the aquarium excess nutrients and mossy.

Kind of slowly growing "freshwater aquarium plants" such as Cryptocoryne requires sufficient fertilizers on sand and take a long time for adjustments in the aquarium. Often there is no progress in the first two months after planting. But once began to grow after Cryptocoryne can adapt to the water conditions, then it will flourish and spread in the tightly form.