Aquascapes - Giving Fish a Taste of Paradise

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
Aquascape Aquarium FishOn earth, if you want to create a scene or a pretty sight, is not landscaping. But if you want to create such scenes in water, then I would be aquascaping. Aquascaping is an art. It is a process that requires one to have the overflow of creative juices. It is a masterpiece.

This is a technique of decorating aquatic plants, rocks, stones, etc. to a very nice aquarium. It's just like gardening or landscaping, the only difference is the place where such creative juices are meant.

Aquascaping is primarily done to a beautiful aquarium. But do not forget that you are placing the animals in the aquarium. So, in coming up with designs, you have to figure out a way to connect beauty with functionality.

Aquarium Aquascaping Design Ideas
Aquascape designs come in different styles, such as the following:

° Dutch style schedule includes a variety of plants that come in a variety of leaf colors, sizes and textures. This style has a central focal point which is surrounded by several rows of plants or leaves. These lines are palced geometrically so that makes the street as an agreement between the plants - it makes it a Dutch-style aquascape. Also, the shortest species are on the forefront, increasing gradually until they are located towards the back.

° Nature Style is the idea that Takashi Amano is acknowledged to have "set a new standard in aquarium management." The nature of the style is intended to imitate the natural landscape with several species of plants and carefully selected stones. Thus, a miniature landscape is creative but colorful garden.

° Jungle Style is a combination of Dutch and natural style. From these two designs, Jungle style uses plants, rocks and driftwood / However, rocks and driftwood to driftwood is not widely used as Amano Nature Style. But one interesting thing is, aquatic plants can grow in the wild and the aquarist and the aquarium hobby can be left untrimmed until he / she has reached his / her desired output.

° Biotopes mock-up of plants, fish within a specific geographic locations. Thus, it aims to provide the exact natural habitat of fish species living in such a place. Biotopes are useful because they are similar types of built-in aquarium. This similarity allows the aquarist can easily balance the different aspects of life in the aquarium. It is also a way for people to have to figure out what the organisms' natural environment looks like, without having to go to this site.

° Paludarium is a combination aquarium and terrarium, or a combination of land and water bodies.It implies greater efforts to be paludarium serveas or residential care system for plant and animal species that would could range from frogs, tropical fish, orchids, etc.

° Saltwater reef, of the name, it's aquascape design that focuses on the reef. Thus, the rock types are mostly furnished and inhabited by corals and marine invertebrates.

These are just some of aquascaping designs. However, regardless of the variety of designs, you re sure to give the fish a taste of paradise!