Blue Green Algae Problems

Thursday, March 3, 2011
Blue Green Algae grows from the aquarium sand and identified by its shape which resembles the skin coat the leaves, stone, wood and the aquarium sand. The growth of these greenish blue colored algae was indicating that the levels of nitrate and phosphate in the aquarium water were very high. This algae type is in addition to look dirty, also issued a stinging odor when removed from water. If the aquarium is large and the Blue algae was rampant, imaginable how the room smell when the blue algae removal was being done.

Blue algae included in the dangerous group of algae, together with the type of Red algae because these two types of freshwater algae were so difficult to clean, and sometimes because it is so difficult with very compelled the aquarium plants must be removed too due to infection of this algae.

The kind of algae eater fish is not effective for this type of algae. The fish do not appetizing with it because the bitter taste of algae. However, the types of algae snails such as Ramshorn snails could eat these algae type, but the Blue algae growth faster than the amount consumed. Darkening the aquarium for 4-6 days and water replacement in several times could make the Blue algae lost. Anti algae (if used) would be more effective if accompanied by darkening the aquarium for 48 hours. The Blue green algae do not like the water with pH levels below 6.