Aquarium Equipment | Water Chillers Review

Sunday, March 27, 2011
Aquarium Chiller for AquascapingAquarium water chillers is the equipment to make the aquarium water temperature is ideal and similar to the natural conditions. In natural environments such as rivers or lakes have a large volume of water so that the change in temperature between day and night happen slowly. But for the aquarium, which was much smaller volume of water, temperature changes will be more vulnerable and can occur rapidly. For any size aquarium that we make, will not have the ability to maintain temperature stability similar to natural conditions.

The aquarium lighting is one of the cause the aquarium water temperature increases. When the lights turned on, the water temperature will rise. Similarly, on the contrary, when the lights extinguished, the water temperature will fall. These temperature fluctuations that can result in fish that are kept to be stressed, weak, or sick.

In tropical countries with hot weather all year long, its difficult to maintained the aquarium water temperature at 25 ° C. Especially in the room with high temperature and humid. If we added the lamp into aquarium, the aquarium water temperature usually above 30 ° C. in such circumstances, we are almost impossible to maintain an aquarium optimaly. The only way to make an ideal aquarium water temperature (24-26 ° C) is to use a cooler or chiller equipment. This aquarium equipment is able to maintain the aquarium water temperatures stable in the range that we want.

How does Aquarium Chiller Work?

Aquarium water chillers work basically can be regarded as a miniature of a refrigerator or air conditioner (AC). Chiller has a thermostat as a regulator of the water temperature to suit your needs. In addition, the chiller has the same working principle is a reaction change in shape. When the liquid was changed into gas, then the gas will absorb a large amount of heat energy around him. For example, drops a little alcohol in our hands. At the time of alcohol evaporate (change form), then our hands will feel cold. The working principle is also applicable for chiller, fridge or air conditioner that uses Freon.

Freon (refrigerant gas) is compressed (by compressor) will produce a decrease in temperature which then will flow through the heat exchange unit (heat exchanger). The flow of this gas will absorb heat from the aquarium water being pumped into the heat exchange unit. Gas will flow while bringing new heat energy absorbed back into the compressor.

Aquarium Chillers SystemHowever, before reaching the compressor, the gas will pass through the lower valve of a sudden gas pressure. That's when gas releases the heat energy which brought to the water chillers radiator, in charge of waste heat energy into the open air with fan assistance. After this process, water will flow into the aquarium plants with a temperature lower than the previous.