Aquarium History

Saturday, August 21, 2010
Aquarium in the past

The word 'aquarium' comes from Latin, namely aqua which means water, and rium which means the container. So aquarium is the definition of ' the container for fish, plants and aquatic organisms to be seen'.

Ancient Egyptians believed they are the first people who maintain a fish in a special container for thousands years ago.

Fish were initially maintained in the container before being consumed, it turns out many people's attention. The Romans later followed the way of maintenance of the fish. Since that's the way it spread to the Far East.

China in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) continued the tradition of maintaining ornamental fish in a ceramic ponds as the place of the gold fish and put it in the yard. Beginning in 1644 until the end of the Ming Dynasty, almost all homes have a container to keep goldfish. Fish have been placed in every containers; from the jar, ceramic boxes, to the bathroom tub. Even they are not using the glass aquarium, keeping goldfish in a ceramic container bring joy and entertainment for all the people of China.

Carrasius auratus auratus, goldfish originating from China with a greenish black color. Derivatives goldfish still exist today in various colors and shapes as a result of crossing. In those days there was no other kind of ornamental freshwater fish that can spread so quickly and evenly to all the world like a goldfish.