Freshwater Aquarium Plants Hygrophila polysperma

Saturday, June 4, 2011
Hygrophila polysperma is an ideal freshwater aquarium plants for beginners and help with algae problem in aquarium. Commonly known as Dwarf Hygrophila, Dwarf Hygro, Miramar weed or Indian waterweed, Hygrophila polysperma is an aquatic plant in the acanthus family. It is native to India and Malaysia, and has also been introduced to the US states of Florida, Texas and possibly Virginia.

The Dwarf Hygrophila is a really popular plant among aquascapers. Its not slow growing aquarium plants such as Staurogyne Porto Velho. It is extremely fast growing with good light and CO2 injection. Therefore Hygrophila polysperma needs to be pruned regularly to maintain its health. The growth of this species is often so rapid that a trim of some sort is required within two or three weeks of the last pruning. It reproduces from both cuttings and side shoots. The cuttings can even be as small as a single leaf in nutrient-rich environments.

Freshwater Aquarium Plants Dwarf Hygrophila polysperma aka Indian waterweedScientific name: Hygrophila polysperma
Common terms: Dwarf hygrophila, East Indian hygrophila, Indian swampweed, Indian waterweed, Miramar weed, hygro
Family: Acanthaceae
Genus: Hygrophila
Location: India, Bhutan, Malaysia
Hardiness: Very Easy
Lighting required: Moderate to High (I have had mine with success from between 1.5-3.7 WPG)
Temperature: 20-30C
Water chemistry requirements (pH, hardness): Can be kept under various conditions
Growth Rate: Very fast
Plant Structure: Stem
Size: Individual stem width: 8 - 15cm (3 - 6in)

Hygrophila polysperma also listed on the Federal Noxious Weed List in the US and is illegal to import and sell in a number of states including Kansas and South Carolina. If you're looking for aquarium plants that will add a thick bushy garden look to your tank the Indian waterweed is the plant for you. It's really easy to grow and it will multiply just by putting the clippings back into the gravel, even a free floating leaf of this plant will make an entire new plant!

It has proven to be a true survivor - Hygrophila polysperma survived and thrived for 6 weeks without adaquate light, filtration, CO2, or fertilization. A truly difficult aquarium plants to kill, and a lovely addition to the planted aquarium.