Aquarium Lighting Systems ADA Solar Mini (Black)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
New Aquarium Lighting Systems ADA Solar Mini BlackADA has launched a new Solar Mini in black. The Solar Mini is easily ADA’s best selling light unit. Solar Mini lighting systems were specially designed for Cube Garden Mini S and Mini M. They are equipped with a 27W twin fluorescent lamp and provide a sufficient amount of light for the growth of water plants. The aquarium lighting unit for freshwater aquarium use can be moved easily back and forth while trimming plants and changing water.

Even with various aquarium lighting products trying to emulate the sleek look of a full ADA Mini setup, none has come close. It reminds me of how Apple’s competitors are trying to dethrone the iPad, but the iPad’s design is in a league by itself.

ADA’s corporate colour is grey and they are famous for grey aquarium cabinets and grey lighting units. Last year, they launched a new type of low cabinet in white with corresponding white Solar series lighting units. Now the Solar Mini has also been given a different colour treatment and it is in black. On top of these entire colour changes, their corporate logo has been renewed to more futuristic design. This brings us to wonder what other changes will be coming to the ADA’s line of products this year. For one, most ADA fans have been crying for a Mini Solar that fits the Mini L.

Aquarium Lighting Systems ADA Solar Mini BlackADA’s 2011 Nature Aquarium Catalog should be out around June.