Freshwater Fish Galaxy Rasbora Microrasbora sp

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Freshwater Fish for Aquascape Aquarium Rasbora Galaxy RasborasThis is still relatively a brand new freshwater fish species, only first discovered in 2006. It was also recently renamed from "Galaxy Rasbora - Microrasbora sp." to "Celestial Pearl Danio - Celestichthys margaritatus." Due to bright coloration and small size, the firework Rasboras type become a perfect addition to a planted nano aquarium.

The Galaxy Rasbora fish was found in a very small high altitude area in Myanmar, and instantly became very popular as an aquarium fish. Unfortunately, over collecting has devestated its environment, and the fish has become very rare in its natural location. Due to problem has advanced so quickly therefore the Practical Fishkeeping Magazine has urged fishkeepers to only purchase the fish if they intend to breed them. However, given demand, it is more likely a case of if mass-scale breeding is not employed, the species is likley to dissapear. Although the tropical fish retailer near you may not know if the fish they stock are captive bred, it is worth asking before purchasing, and certainly avoid any wild caught stocks if possible.

Tropical Fish for Aquarium Plants Rasbora Galaxy Rasboras
Galaxy Rasbora is similar to other danios in habits and shape. The males are much more brightly colored than the females and have a deeper blue coloration with much more red on the fins. As well as Harlequin Rasboras, Galaxy Rasboras are a shoaling fish, so keep in groups of 6 or more. The fish is generally easy to care for and has no specific requirements. Although they prefer soft, acidic water, they can be acclimated to harder water. Captive bred fish which are a few generations old, may be adaptable to a wider range of conditions. Keep with other small, peaceful, species and provide hiding spots, ideally amongst vegetation. Small live or frozen foods such as daphnia or cyclops will help keep the fish in top condition. Like almost any freshwater aquarium fish, Galaxy Rasbora will be much healthier and happier with live aquarium plants.