Aquarium Chiller Temperature

Saturday, May 14, 2011
Maintaining a consistent temperature of the aquarium will help to prevent disease and an unwanted algae. However, maintaining the ideal temperature consistently in tropical countries is not easy. This is why the aquarium chiller is the best solution. The use of chiller for aquarium requires only minimal maintenance - provided that precise in choosing the chiller capacity and placement with adequate air circulation - and aquarium chiller is a device which is so purchased will be useful for many years.

How to choose an ideal water chiller capacity for your aquarium? It's a matter that is suggested to install the aquarium chiller with power (Hp) more than the recommended. For example, if the specification written the chiller able to cool 500 liters of waters, it should be used for 300 liters of water and so on.

Choosing an ideal chiller for your aquarium will also make your expenses to be efficient. For example, the magnitude chiller 1 / 3 Hp - if we see the price is a bit more expensive than a magnitude 1 / 10 Hp. However, the chiller with a power 1 / 3 Hp has greater strength, so that the unit requires less time to reach the optional temperature. This course will play a major role in maintaining the durability of aquarium chiller units and in general also will reduce noise pollution and the heat generated when the chiller's engine work.

Aquarium Chiller Temperature for Aquascape How about the ideal temperature of aquarium chiller? For example, coral reefs which come from a variety of marine environments, the temperatures can vary between 18 °C to 32 °C, depending on how their habitat - More deep the habitat of the coral reefs then the temperature will more cold. Ideally we take a coral sea / marine plants from the same environment and maintain our aquarium chiller and aquarium plants at a temperature which is considered normal / ideal environment for coral / aquarium plants. But the fact is, people always mix the various elements of different environments in an aquarium.

So the best compromise is to keep the aquarium chiller temperature in the save range 23 °C - 26 °C. Although this temperature sometimes also lead the white spot disease for a certain type of fish. However, this is a general temperature range based on the experience of hobbiest and fairly well accepted by most plants and fish both marine and freshwater. No doubt there will be exceptions to some things, such as an aquarium with certain plants which require more stringent temperature tolerance. The best you can do is consults with the experts to know how the tolerance temperature for the aquarium plants.