Modern Aquarium Equipment

Thursday, January 20, 2011
After World War 2 aquarium become popular placed inside homes. At that times electricity makes the aquarium equipment technology such as aquarium lights, pumps filters, and aerator (air bubble producing device) better. Aircraft also play an important role. Thanks to the aircraft, more species of fish can be imported into Europe from its original place. Many people who have two or more aquarium in his home.

Dublin Zoological Gardens now have a central system for power aerator with air bubbling to all aquariums. The difference with the past is, aerator system when it was still done manually (using human power.)

Starting in 1960 the development of technological aquarium equipment was increasing rapidly in Germany. As a result, many people are interested in maintaining the ornamental fish with water plants in the aquarium as a hobby.

The presence of aquarium equipment technology such as CO2 equipment, aquarium fertilizer, sand, and proper lighting for aquatic plants to grow fresh and fertile in the tank, change the focus of freshwater aquariums from the previous on ornamental fish, now are turning to water plants aquarium.

Since then, aquarium was no longer a place to keep the fish alone. Aquarium has been a part of the interior of the building. In addition, the aquarium is believed to reduce the saturation, which is often placed in doctor's waiting room, airport, hospital, hotel, office, or at home to release stress after work.

Aquarium more than as a hobby, now serves also as a 'living painting' that add to the beauty of the room interior.

Development of the aquarium equipment technology makes the open aquarium concept so that leaves of the water plant Echinodorus cordifolius may arise from the surface of the water and produced a flower.