Choosing Basic Tank Shapes on Aquarium Designs

Sunday, January 23, 2011
Choosing Basic Tank Shapes on Aquarium DesignIn the previous article we have know that the Acrylic aquariums could be casted and molded into different shapes that were never though possible when only working with materials such as glass even to create new forms of fish tank that were previously unimaginable. However, before start to spilling all over your imagination in aquarium designs, a few things below should be considered first.

First, never making a convex aquarium since a convex shape will make the contents look bigger than the original (distortion).

Better to choose the aquarium size that elongate and low, rather than a narrow and high, because:
  • A small shapes and elevated potential to make fish become stressed by lack of oxygen (gas exchange is hampered because of the narrow water surface)
  • The aquarium that looks rises will make it difficult time decorating and maintenance, because the base of the aquarium difficult to reach by hand.
  • The high aquarium will make the necessary light penetration for plants photosynthetic, so we need a stronger light.

The Aquarium shape which form on the left is a more advisable than that on the right. The consideration, the light penetration will be easier to reach the bottom of tank to water plant life. In addition, more easily decorated and maintained. Thus, there is no term aquarium that is too wide. The term that there is "aquarium that is too high".

Choosing Basic Tank Shapes on Aquarium Designs
The larger aquarium size will need more species of freshwater aquarium plants and tropical fish that can be maintained and more easily to maintain the quality of aquarium water. Conversely, the smaller of the aquarium size will be more difficult to maintain the water quality because a little change in one parameter of water can lead to large changes overall.

Garden Aquarium is a combination of the aquarium and terrarium. Planning the proper aquarium design will determine the success of a combination of aquarium plants and pond plants or land which will create a unique atmosphere in the house.