Aquarium Filters Types

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Aquarium environments are isolated or separated from its natural. The fish that we keep, in fact live in his own feces. In addition to regular water replacement, aquarium filters system is the most important key to maintaining the aquarium water quality. So not only remain clear water, but also healthy for the environment.

Although the water looks clear and the aquarium is clean, all dirt trapped in the filter media and will remain in the aquarium water recirculation system. Therefore, the filter media should be cleaned regularly.

Aquarium filters function based on the principle of work divided into three parts, namely a mechanical filters, chemical filters, and biological filters.

Almost all of the aquarium filters types are used to function as the mechanical filters, because the mechanical filter is the main function of the aquarium filter, which aims to filter or capture dirt that flows through the filter media.

While the chemical filters function is not to filter out dirt, but to make the aquarium water quality becomes as desired by the activated carbon media or peat.

Similarly with chemical filters, the biological filters also have the own function that aims to provide a place for the growth of bacteria for decomposition of ammonia and nitrite which are harmful to fish life.

Filter is the heart of aquarium. People said that goldfish can live healthy and happy in a small fish tank without using aquarium filters. My personal opinion about the statement is the fish not likely happy! Keeping fish in a small fish tank and without using aquarium filters can be categorized as torture, because the fish were forced to live in a dirty environment and unhealthy.